Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why No YEAST??

Here is a little info of why we are trying to stay away from anything with yeast:

"Yeast is never good in the blood. Yeast will grow and eventually form into fungus and into mold. That is not good in the blood. The things that are in our blood when we die should not be
there when we are alive.

Yeast steals energy and health. Anyone who has large amounts of yeast in their blood has low energy, is tired, has sugar cravings, etc.

Back in Adam and Eve days they did not have yeast and fungus and mold. They did not have ways of making bread from yeast and processed flour and heating it. They made their bread from sprouted grains and formed those sprouted grains into a ball and placed it in the sun to dry it. That was their bread.

Yeast makes the body acidic.
It is a microbial toxin. Usually yeast gets into the blood because we eat yeast or food has deteriorated before we eat it (leftovers and food that is starting to decompose). In Ayurvedic medicine, they say you are not to eat any food that has sat out for more than 3 hours. In Ayurveda, it is then considered tamasic. Tamasic is anything that is old, dark, heavy, sickly, etc. It is because the food starts to decompose and go bad.

We should try to eat food that is as fresh as we can get it.

Allopathic medicine has been able to prove that yeast and mold is present in over forty percent of all cancerous conditions!" Dr Young

So, instead of bread with yeast, we try and buy the sprouted wheat tortillas or the brown rice tortillas and those become our bread for our sandwich.

Here is our typical lunch:

Sprouted wheat tortilla with almond butter/agave
Cucumbers or salad
Green apple
Water with lime or lemon squeeze

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