Friday, January 14, 2011


I know there lurkers out there and I would LOVE to hear from you and all of my followers!

*Any tips that help your family to choose healthier foods?

*Healthy snacks that you like? 

*Your favorite kitchen appliance?

*Some of the challenges you have faced trying to live a healthier lifestyle?

*What changes you have noticed since eating healthier?

**Please share and become a follower! 
I would love to put a face with a dot on the map! 
(Plus it motivates me to keep going...)


Cheryl said...

*Not buying crap; choosing not to have it in the house!

*Apples. Dates. Flatbread crackers.

*My Blendtec!!

*Having five kids and a husband who are not as supportive as I would like.

*More energy; better skin

Love you, Angie!!

Cherish said...

Well, I'm certainly not eating as healthy as I should, but I work on changing habits slowly.

Cook from scratch and don't buy junk food.
Dates, sunflower seeds, homemade bread.
Couldn't live without my Bosch!
It's harder to pack healthy foods for work, and I eat 1-2 meals at work every day. Also, changing the hubby's point of view is hard.
More energy, especially right after waking.

Beth said...

I love your blog and check in regularly, you are quite inspirational. At times I get overwhelmed because I have so many bad habits to break. Also, I just keep learning more and more! I love my Vitamix so much, as does hubbby and kiddos.

Angie said...

LOVE Cheryl's comment about not buying "crap." Or (in my case) letting my husband buy "crap." It is SO helpful not to have it in the house and up for grab! I have no self control most of the time!

Haven't tried dates...maybe because they just look, well, gross...

I'm working on getting a good blender...after 2 years of using my trusty but chunky-blend Wally World blender, I am definitely ready to move on to bigger and better...and less chunky! I've been saving up...THAT being said, you can still have your green smoothie with a cheap blender! No excuses people; no excuses! lol

I totally agree about more energy! And no sluggish feeling at 2pm where you want to go "into a coma" (referencing Green Smoothie Girl). And we all could use more energy! I don't think anyone would deny that!

Thanks so much for sharing! It's nice to know that there is support out there!