Thursday, May 26, 2011

Slowly getting back...

I am slowly getting back into a's still hard since we are still in limbo; living in a furnished house; eating off someone else's plates and sleeping in someone else's beds...renting a house that we know will not ever be ours. No painting; no hanging pictures; no tearing out old carpet...planting a garden and knowing that we may never get our whole harvest worth. It's a nice house and it's great to have our own space and a huge backyard with neverending pretend-time for the girls, but it's not ours. In fact, I can't even imagine having our own house. I hope it will happen sooner than later.

That being said...I have also been putting off making green drinks because I have this $20 "chunk-in-your-gunk" blender. I REALLY want a BlendTec, but the budget hasn't allowed that quite yet. SO, I decided a couple days ago, that I need to stop making excuses and just work with what I have right now...PLUS, I've been sick for 2 weeks now...coughing so much that my ribs hurt and blowing my nose so much that it's raw. It's REALLY annoying. And I know that I brought it on myself by the CRAP that I've been consuming lately. It's all my fault. Not fun, but true.

So ya, green drinks all around for the last 3 mornings. Go me! Here's to being healthy! No more Nyquil hangovers or Mucinex stay-up-all-nighters!


Beth said...

Glad to see you are posting! I have missed you! Sorry for the limbo you are living in.
I admit that I have slipped in some areas with this pregnancy, but now that I am solidly in the 2nd trimester I am getting back on track!

I hope you get your Blendtec soon! I got a Vitamix for Christmas and use it nearly every day!

Anonymous said...

Love my Blendtec. Costco seems to have the best price, and an extension on the warranty.
Good for you, making the smoothies with what you have. I tried that for a bit too. And it seemed fine as long as I limited the greens. I think blending the greens in a smaller amount of liquid initially also helps.